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Wildlife lover, painter, landscaping designer and filmmaker working and living in Montreal


Taming and/or exulting my inner wilderness one frame at the time since 2009 while studying Animation Film at Concordia University, Canada. Happily integrating my painting and drawing practice (developed since 1996) into the realm of the moving images, recklessly orchestrating light, movement and sound and freely exploring on-specific sites cinematographic projects.


Graduated (May 2017) from the MFA program in Film Production at Concordia University, Canada and recipient of the Mechtronix Graduate Fellowship for Innovative Excellence in Visual Arts, The Henry P. and Thomas R. Schreiner National Film Board of Canada  Production/Research Grant in Documentary and The Grant Munro Graduate Scholarship for Film Production. I am exploring different cinematic approaches to celebrate nonhuman life forms. My crafted with love and dedication short audiovisual pieces are shown in art events and film festivals in Canada and abroad. I am starting distributing my thesis film, a cinematic autobiographical essay on interspecies friendship inspired by the story of a unique Alaskan wolf called Romeo.

Depuis août 2021 Propriétaire de PATTES À GOGO!! (VOIR PAGE)



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